Founded in 1995 Circle Safety & Health Consultants is a recognized leader in providing comprehensive occupational safety and health services to a wide range of customers.

As part of their many offerings, Circle Safety & Health Consultants provides effective and functional Safety and Health Program guidelines including Safety Manuals.

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What Is A Safety Manual & Why Is It Important?

Safety Manuals are a critical management tool to define and communicate worker safety and health policies and procedures for an organization.

They provide clearly defined safety and health processes and responsibilities which empower management and workers. In turn, this fosters a safe work environment where supervisors and workers know what to expect, understand the processes and are willing to bring potential safety issues to the attention of others.

What Is Included In An Effective Safety Manual?

  • Clear language about how the organization will comply with regulatory requirements
  • What hazards are encountered by employees, subcontractor employees, and temporary employees
  • How those hazards are to be controlled or mitigated
  • Who within the organization is responsible for implementation and sustainability of the policy and procedures
  • What training is required for which employees and how frequently
  • Easily accessible methods to search and find answers in the office or on the job site
  • Numerous forms including Accident Hazard Analysis and Incident Investigation for everyday use by stakeholders

Who Should Use A Safety Manual?

  • Executive leadership as their primary tool for communicating the intent and execution of safety & health policies and procedures to mid-level and field managers
  • Mid-level managers, supervisors and superintendents will primarily use the manual on a daily/weekly basis as a reference document
  • With the right safety manual workers and day to day employees may also have easy access to review specific policies or guidelines

What Is Unique About The Circle Safety & Health Manual?

  • Turns technical regulatory language into readable, understandable text that is easy to read and access across all levels
  • Specific topics are searchable with two-three clicks of a mouse
  • Specific topics are also easily located in the printed version by referring to the main Table of Contents and then the chapter Tables of Contents
  • Can be made available electronically to all stakeholders or even on the job site when needed

Does Your Organization’s Safety and Health Manual Measure Up?

Get in touch with Circle Safety for an evaluation or to learn more about the Circle Safety &
Health process to developing an effective Safety Health Management System.

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