AIHA’s Back to Work Safety Initiative

  The AIHA’s Back to Work Safety initiative offers education and guidance for numerous business sectors to safely re-open. These efforts have been recognized by the CDC and featured in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, NPR, Washington Examiner, and CNBC, among others. The AIHA’s COVID-19 Re-Open America Guidelines Task Force has developed documents for the… [Read More]

Reopening of Restaurants During COVID-19

Tired of carry out? Cold food? Eating at home…again? Everyone wants our restaurants to reopen so that they can support the local economy by enjoying a meal outside the home. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this must be accomplished carefully to minimize the health risks to restaurant workers and customers. The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)… [Read More]

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Respiratory Protection Training and Qualitative Fit Tests

“If you use a respirator at work, you must be trained at least every 12 months. This annual retraining will refresh your memory on the information and skills you need to use a respirator correctly. It gives you a chance to practice with a respirator and to ask questions and discuss worksite-specific respirator use with… [Read More]

Top Ten Violations for 2019

Every year, OSHA publishes a list of its top ten most frequently cited standard violations. Even though these numbers only reflect the violations as of August 15th this year, there have already been over 245 respiratory protection violations and 140 PPE violations per month in 2019. Most companies think that they have sufficient safety practice;… [Read More]

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