Industrial Hygiene

The ABIH-Certified Industrial Hygiene Consultants at Circle Safety & Health will help you anticipate, evaluate, and control potential workplace health hazards, including chemical, physical, and biological hazards.

Amy Daniell leads our industrial hygiene team and conducts the evaluation and sampling projects. She’s a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, mining, and laboratory safety.

We only utilize Certified Industrial Hygienists for all of our industrial hygiene services. The studies and reports we provide you with will reflect accurate results, sound recommendations, and help you comply with regulations and industry best practices.

IH Consulting Services

  • Evaluation. Evaluating your workplace and surrounding community for chemical, physical, and biological hazards.
  • Development. Developing recommendations, a plan of corrective action, and taking control of situations that could pose a threat to workers or the community.
  • Research. Conducting research and providing findings on potentially harmful conditions such as poor air quality or exposure to chemicals.
  • Compliance. Ensuring your business complies with Federal, state, local laws and OSHA regulations.
  • Training. Ensuring your business complies with Federal, state, local laws and OSHA regulations.

IH Project Examples

  • Noise dosimetry and sound level mapping.
  • Welding fume monitoring, including hexavalent chromium.
  • Metals monitoring—including lead, arsenic, cadmium, and beryllium.
  • Respirable crystalline silica sampling.
  • Caprolactam and other organic compound sampling.
  • Real-time sampling of various chemicals.
  • Indoor air quality investigations.
  • Vibration studies.
  • Ergonomic evaluations.

Industries We Serve

  • Education
  • Military & Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial
  • Public Utilities

Industrial Hygiene FAQ?​

Costs for sampling projects vary widely depending on the type of contaminant, the number of samples needed, and how long the work process needs to be monitored.

Some contaminants can be measured using real-time monitors providing instantaneous results. Samples that require laboratory analysis usually take 2 - 4 weeks for us to get the results back. We use the laboratory results and/or real-time measurements and observations made at the worksite to compile a helpful and easy-to-understand report for you and your team. This is generally available within 3-4 weeks of sampling.

Industrial hygiene sampling projects are typically scheduled 3-6 weeks out, but it may be possible to conduct them ASAP depending on the needs of the client.

Industrial hygiene is defined as the. . . “ science and art devoted to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of those environmental factors or stresses arising in or from the workplace, which may cause sickness, impaired health and well-being, or significant discomfort among workers ...”

Industrial hygienists are trained to evaluate potential hazards that may affect workers, including chemical hazards and physical hazards such as noise and ergonomics. To assess exposures to specific contaminants, employees may wear monitoring equipment while they work as part of the evaluation process. The results of the evaluation and monitoring are compared to governmental and voluntary standards. Recommendations are made both to reduce the hazards to the employees from exposure to the contaminant and to help the company stay in compliance with OSHA regulations.

Employees may be required to wear a monitoring device during their work shift, such as a noise dosimeter, a sampling pump and media, or a sampling badge. They may be asked questions regarding what they are doing and may also be photographed, if permitted.

We will need to visit the work area periodically to make observations, take photos, and talk to employees; however, your operations can and should continue as normal. The hope is to monitor a “typical” or “worst-case” exposure day.

With some contaminants, we can get instantaneous readings, so we will immediately know if there is an exposure concern. However, most air samples must be sent out to a laboratory which usually takes 2 - 3 weeks to analyze the samples and issue us a report. Then we will take the findings from the lab, review our observations, and compile a helpful and easy-to-understand report for you and your team.

Industrial hygiene sampling will determine exposure levels on the day of the sampling. Based on the sampling results and depending on the events of the day, we can determine if employees are exposed above or below governmental or voluntary exposure limits and provide recommendations for corrective actions, if needed.

Our report will include recommendations for corrective actions. These corrective actions will guide your company to be in compliance with governmental regulations and provide steps to ensure a safe and healthful working environment for your employees. We may also direct you to resources to help you design and implement engineering controls.

If your sample results are above certain governmental limits, you are required to resample by a specific time period. For example, if exposures are above the OSHA action level for respirable crystalline silica, you are required to resample within 6 months. Even if there is not a specific regulatory requirement,it may be prudent to resample since a sample captures only a point in time. For instance, if your exposure results are above 50% of OSHA’s exposure limit, you should consider resampling periodically to ensure exposures stay below the limit for all employees conducting the monitored task.

Yes. You should have retesting conducted to verify that your controls have reduced exposure levels below applicable limits. Also, if any changes are made to your manufacturing/construction process, you will need to test again. Finally, even if the processes have not changed, it is a good idea to retest periodically, e.g., every 3 years, because engineering controls may be altered or become less effective over time.

“Very impressed with their capabilities. Glad to find a local firm that can handle site-safety / industrial hygiene issues at a high level.”

– Major K.

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