Safety Data Base & Recordkeeping Systems Design

Safety Mentoring

We offer a unique service that provides one-on-one mentoring, behind the scenes support, as well as professional and on-the-job training for “designated safety coordinators.”

Can’t afford a full-time, fully-credentialed safety and health professional? We’ll help you “grow your own.” We will develop a carefully-tailored mentoring plan and will then work closely with your designated employee to develop, implement, and maintain your safety and health system.

Let’s make it happen.

Maintaining your safety database and recordkeeping systems is required by OSHA and is needed to protect you from liability but is often where many employers fall short.

Circle Safety can analyze your current database and recordkeeping systems and design a user-friendly, easily maintained system which can be managed on a day-to-day basis. When a file or record is demanded, you will be able to locate it instantly. We will train your personnel to correctly enter, file, and edit your database.

Recordkeeping that is well-organized and kept up-to-date is crucial when it comes to safety compliance. Good recordkeeping will allow you to track your organization’s progress in spotting and eliminating hazards, training personnel, and demonstrate your continued focus on safety. And when the VOSH inspector comes to your site or if a compliance issue raises its head, you will be prepared.