Safety Committee and Team Development

Safety Mentoring

We offer a unique service that provides one-on-one mentoring, behind the scenes support, as well as professional and on-the-job training for “designated safety coordinators.”

Can’t afford a full-time, fully-credentialed safety and health professional? We’ll help you “grow your own.” We will develop a carefully-tailored mentoring plan and will then work closely with your designated employee to develop, implement, and maintain your safety and health system.

Let’s make it happen.

Employee involvement has been shown to be critical in the development of a world class safety and health system. Gaining employee involvement can be done in many ways, but a good Safety Committee or Safety Team System is an excellent way to get started.

Team work, effective work teams, and team building are popular topics in today’s organizations. Successful teams and team work fuel the accomplishment of your strategic goals. Effective work teams magnify the accomplishments of individuals and enable you to better serve customers. Here at Circle Safety we can help you accomplish these strategic goals to build effective team work.

Circle Safety can help you develop your Safety Committee by assisting you in the selection of the membership, the development of goals and objectives, and training the team members. We can assist you in the evaluation of committees and teams that do not appear to be working and get them back on track.