Forensic and Expert Advice, Reports & Testimony

Jan Thomas, PhD, CSP (vCard) is an experienced and highly qualified occupational safety subject matter expert with in-depth compliance experience in a wide range of workplaces, including manufacturing, healthcare, trade associations and insurance. Dr. Thomas is acknowledged for her specialization in construction safety. Her forensic work is balanced between work for both plaintiff and defense. Dr. Thomas also selectively provides forensic consultation on public safety issues.


Anna Jolly, JD, CHMM (vCard) has a recognized expertise in the OSHA/VOSH citation process, compliance assistance and abatement, including an in-depth understanding of the Federal and state regulatory processes. As an occupational health subject matter expert, she is also able to assist in industrial hygiene site analysis and the abatement process. Ms. Jolly is a member of the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board.